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lololol 8 years ago
04:14 oh yes :D fav moment :D
SSas 12 years ago
Perfect B!TCH
The Dude 6 years ago
Sasha is truly amazing
Arby 7 years ago
Alot of these comments make no fucking sense these niggas be like "Dat dere jus change me hole entire life make mor tings like dat I buy
epic 7 years ago
Epic video sent me here. Saved me a few hours of looking around.
... 9 years ago
I love watching sasha grey taking it up the ass that bitch is one nasty ass sult
hahahahahahahah 9 years ago
Her reaction when she tried to spit on her pussy :D 06:35 :D :D :D :D whatever she is so hot
thomas121 10 years ago
dude epic O_O
sodomizer4u 11 years ago
yea choke on that cum baby
franz 11 years ago
Yeah this reminds me about my xgf Li, blond and she loved being humiliated like this, i was a bastard so she was like" damn! youre such a good fuck, i cant dump ypu" but later she did :D